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Cerec Coated Sapphire Glass Lens Replacement Service with Replaceable FlexiGlass® Lenses.


Stop wasting your money buying a whole new Omnicam Camera Mirror Sleeve for $1500! Get 6 for the price of one!


Product information:

This service is to fully replace the Omnicam coated sapphire lens with a new custom thinner sapphire lens. This lens is specialty made to work like OEM with our FlexiGlass® Lens protectors. 6 protectors are included. (One will be installed) 


This Package includes:

1 x Custom Sapphire Lens Repair (MUST SEND US YOUR LENS)

6 x Omnicam 9H Flexiglass® screen protector

6 x Cleaning Wipe

6 x Dust cleaning and installation kit

6 x Universal instructions


How Its Works:

You will send your scrathed lens in, We replace it with the specialty sapphire lens and FlexiGlass® protector. When the time comes you can simple peel off the old lens and install a fresh new FlexiGlass® protector. 


*The omnicam can still work flawlessly with the special sapphire lens with out the FlexiGlass® protector!*


Shipping & Turn Around:


Upon arrival, the sleeve will be repaired and shipped back in less then 24 hours. Standard Return shipping is USPS Priority Shipping 1-4 days to most places.  You can upgrade to one or two days at additional cost. Also UPS and Fedex is available.


Please read our ALL additional info sections before ordering! Thank you!


**Returns and Refund Information**


We have done a massive amount of research to give you the very BEST 1:1 replacement lens.

If the lens arrives broken when you get it back, we offer to replace it totally free. 

There is NO cash refund. Pressing the "Check Out" button means you understand that our replacemnt lens is not OEM and we only offer to replace the lens with our 1:1 custom Lens.

All sales are final! 

If you need help or have any questions PLEASE do not hesistate to shoot us a chat or email. We want our customers to feel 100% confident in our lenes!


*We are in no way affilated with Dentsply Sirona or endorsed by them!*

**The Term "Omnicam" is only for education purposes only**

Omni Replaceable Lens with FlexiGlass®

  • Before Ordering: If the metal sleeve is damaged, we CANNOT fix this, only the glass window on the sleeve. Turn around time is about a week or less, time varies on shipping. Lens itself is re-shipping in under 24 hours. Please note time when scheduling patients.

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