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Frequently Asked Questions

All You Need to Know

A: From seeing hundreds of Omnicam lenses I can confirm they ALL do this. The reason this happens is a mix between two factors. The cleaning / disinfectant Sirona has you use mixed with the camera lens on the lens heat pad all day, this can cause the coating to change color (blueish / greenish), have spots and/or look like scratches. This is simply the Coating on the sapphire lens slowly becoming damaged.

Q: Why does the Omnicam lens color distort over time? Even if I’ve never scratched the lens?

Q: Why does my old lens have a blue hue sometimes? Why does yours look green?

A: When Omnicam first rolled out it used a Blue A/R coated sapphire lens. Over the years Sirona noticed the mix between the disinfected and the lens heater the colors would distort. They changed their coating around 2016 with the “ST” (stainless steel) sleeve. The color of the new coating is a green hue. Therefore our lens have the green hue, as it is the optimized color for Cerec software.

Q: Does your lens work the same as the original lens?

A: Absolutely! This lens has been tested and works as it should with all Cerec software. Even better It’s half the cost! Please note this is not OEM glass from Dentsply Sirona.

How long does it take to get my Omnicam lens sleeve back?

Once you send your lens and it arrives. The sleeve will be repaired and shipped back in less then 24 hours. Standard Return shipping is USPS Priority Shipping 1-3 days to most places.  You can upgrade to one or two days at additional cost.

How should I ship my lens to make sure it gets there securely?

I would recommend a USPS small flat rate box. Wrap it in foam or bubble wrap. This priority shipping service is 1-3 days and includes tracking for around $15.00. We can ship via UPS or Fedex upon request.

Do you only use original replacement parts?

We have spent months getting these specially Coated Sapphire lens to be 100% like OEM.

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