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Worlds First Omnicam & Primescan Lens Screen Protector

These FlexiGlass® lens protectors are meant to help prolong the life of your sapphire window. Precision cut for a perfect, near invisible fit! Easy installation and removable! The easiest option for taking care of your scanners lens!

Check out FlexiGlass Reviews:

Dr. Brent Parrott Oroville, CA 

"I used my Omni Lens Repaired handpiece for almost a year but with 4 dentists sharing it started to get scratched again. I decided to try their Omni Replaceable Lens with FlexiGlass®, I was most curious about how long it would last and how hard it would be to replace once it wore out. I was pleasantly surprised on both accounts! The "temporary" lens cover lasted over 4 months. I knew it was time to make things better when some of the doctors started using the powder. I asked my sterile tech/handyman to replace the FlexiGlass® and report to me how long it took. He came back so fast I figured he ran into some problem, Nope! He was done. WOW! Just like using a new lens again. Because it was so easy and a clear lens speeds up scanning so much, and it doesn't cost much, I might replace it sooner next time. I guess my biggest fear now is forgeting where we're storing the extra FlexiGlass® since it will be so long until I need them."

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