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Worlds first precision cut FlexiGlass® Primescan Lens protector. We have worked on this lens protector for over a year. This screen protector is ultra thin at 0.25mm. Much like a tempered glass screen protector the FlexiGlass® is very hard (9H) and has a 99.8% light transmission. This makes it perfect for using it with the sensitive Primescan 3d camera. This Package includes: 1 x  9H Flexiglass® screen protector 1 x Cleaning Wipe 1 x Dust cleaning and installation kit 1 x universal instructions We recommend a calibration once you have installed the unit, but it is not necessary. 


If you are an international customer, we can ship the protector as a letter for around $3.00! If you place an order with us, international shipping comes up as $15 dollars. We will send you a refund of the difference! Thank you!


*We are in no way affilated with Dentsply Sirona or endorsed by them!*

**The Term "Primescan" is only for education purposes only**

Prime Window FlexiGlass® Lens Protector

$59.99 Regular Price
$49.99Sale Price
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