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Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

Here at OMNI LENS REPAIR, our goal is to provide professional and affordable repair services across the world. We are the only service in the world that is repairing lenses. Ordering is simple, and we’ll have it back to you in perfect condition in no time at all - that’s what our top notch customer service is all about.

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Primescan Lens Repair is here!

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what out customers think

"Omni Lens Repair was easy to work with, answered my emails very promptly, kept me completely up to date, and did a great job. In short, they delivered as promised. I have had my OmniCam for a few years and was well aware the camera lens was getting pretty beat up, but.... I didn't want to spend another $1,200+ on a new lens. I had an even older one, so I tried everything I could think of to polish out the scratches. I didn't make it any worse (probably couldn't get any worse) but it didn't make it any better. Then I stumbled across Omni Lens Repair. Their information claimed they could replace my lens for a lot less than me buying new.  I took the leap of faith and mailed off the lens. Mailing it was just a matter of protecting it and dropping it in the mail. I received a couple of follow up emails with them concerned whether it had been shipped or not so they didn't miss it and got it back to me asap. They didn't have it more than 2 days (I think it was even the next day) when I got the notification that it was on its way back to me. REALLY QUICK!! If it hadn't been for our lame postage service in my area I would have had it and only missed 2 days of use of my camera (if I didn't have the other lens). The packaging of the newly refurbished "handpiece" was almost bomb proof, including a cool little drawstring pouch and plug for the open end. I showed my associate the "handpiece" and he thought I had purchased another. Yep, that's how good it looks. It works that well too. I'll be sending my other lens to them soon.  Again, Omni Lens Repair was easy to work with, answered my emails very promptly, kept me completely up to date, and did a great job. In short, they delivered as promised."


Dr. Parrott

We safely package all lenses to ensure no dust enters the lens; we wrap the lens in a suede satchel so no scratching can occur. The lens is then wraped in foam. 


Frequently Asked Questions

All You Need to Know

Q: Why does the Omnicam lens color distort over time? Even if I’ve never scratched the lens?

A: From seeing hundreds of Omnicam lenses I can confirm they ALL do this. The reason this happens is a mix between two factors. The cleaning / disinfectant Sirona has you use mixed with the camera lens on the lens heat pad all day, this can cause the coating to change color (blueish / greenish), have spots and/or look like scratches. This is simply the Coating on the sapphire lens slowly becoming damaged.

Q: Why does my old lens have a blue hue sometimes? Why does yours look green?

A: When Omnicam first rolled out it used a Blue A/R coated sapphire lens. Over the years Sirona noticed the mix between the disinfected and the lens heater the colors would distort. They changed their coating around 2016 with the “ST” (stainless steel) sleeve. The color of the new coating is a green hue. Therefore our lens have the green hue, as it is the optimized color for Cerec software.

Q: Does your lens work the same as the original lens?

A: Absolutely! This lens has been tested and works as it should with all Cerec software. Even better It’s half the cost! Please note this is not OEM glass from Dentsply Sirona.



Phone: 518-764-8089


Address: 1040 N Harbor Drive,

Deltona, FL 32725

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**Returns and Refund Information**

We have done a massive amount of research to give you the very BEST 1:1 replacement lens.

If the lens arrives broken when you get it back, we offer to replace it totally free. 

There is NO cash refund. Pressing the "Check Out" button means you understand that our replacemnt lens is not OEM and we only offer to replace the lens with our 1:1 custom Lens.

All sales are final! 

If you need help or have any questions PLEASE do not hesistate to shoot us a chat or email. We want our customers to feel 100% confident in our lenes!

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